✔Excellent Quality✔ CONTAINS REAL SWEETS✔Casdon Pick and Pack sweet shop Pretend Play Shopping Kids Children

Elea Toys

$29.99 $59.99

If having your own Sweet Shop seems like a dream come true then look no further than the Pick and Mix stall. Ok, so it's not a real shop and the money is pretend, but there are real sweets in this fantastic set, including favourites like dolly mixtures and gummy teddies.

This packed roleplay toy has everything you need to start your sweet shop business, including:

  • 2 Sweet jars Scoop
  • Bank notes and coins
  • Working scales
  • 4 x lollypops
  • Dolly mixtures
  • Midget gems
  • Dewdrops
  • Mini teddies
  • If you can resist gobbling up all your stock at once (it's not good for business, or your teeth) you'll find this toy boosts your maths skills, teaches the value of money and helps you learn about weights.

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