Minnie Bow-tiful Bake Shop

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SKU: Fisher Price Disney Bow-tiful Bake Shop

Any time’s a good time to have a sweet treat with Minnie Mouse!

What is that delicious scent filling the Glam Shopping Mall? It must be the sweet smell of tasty baked treats at the Bow-tiful Bake Shop! Minnie has had a fun-filled day shopping for fabulous fashions, and now she wants to treat herself to something sweet. Will she be able to decide between cupcakes and a whole cake? The Bow-tiful Bake Shop playset connects to the Glam Shopping Mall (sold separately and subject to availability) for the ultimate in glam-fashion shopping fun, it’s the sweetest way to end any fashion shopping extravaganza!

Product Features

  • Includes 3-inch Minnie figure
  • Spin the cupcake display to see all the treats.
  • Ride up the elevator to where all the baking is done.
  • Take your cake out of the oven.
  • Place your tray of cupcakes on the pastry cart.

Fun Features that really 'Take the Cake!'

The Bow-tiful Bake Shop is two floors full of fun features! Spin the rotating cupcake display or send Minnie up the elevator to the bakery upstairs where there’s an oven with a stovetop ready to bake. Take the cake out of the oven and place the tray of cupcakes on the pastry cart. Bring Minnie to the cash register so she can pay for all her sweet treats. Also connects to the Glam Shopping Mall. Other figures and Glam Shopping Mall are sold separately and subject to availability.

Fashion Play Fosters Your Child’s Imagination!

Pretend storytelling play is the perfect way for pre-school kids to push the boundaries of their imagination and creativity. Playing with Minnie helps chuildren build a sense of self-expression and confidence while adding a layer of fun with classic kid-friendly themes. All Minnie playsets and dolls enable kids to explore their dreams while learning with curiosity and discovery.

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